My Story
My Life In 5D 
​​Helping people all around the world is my ultimate calling and life purpose.

I was born with some innate gifts I was not aware of until I turned 10 years old. I spent most of my childhood in silence , contemplating life and trying to make sense of everything I was experiencing.
Feeling overwhelmed by reality I found relief in nature in drawing and writing poetry and music.I started reading art books and encyclopedias about pathology and the human body very early, trying to find answers to my many questions about the physical world and the non pyhsical that I could sense but not understand .

Since when I was a child,
I am able to feel emotions, hear thoughts, see memories of important past events , present and future and feel blocks that don t belong to me and if there is any physical pain , I feel it it on my body , as if it was my own,
Usually feeling the connection between the pain and the source of it.
To understand what was happening to me , was not easy for me.
I spent years thinking i was crazy.

This way of perceiving reality determines how I live my life now and as a consequence , my life purpose as well.

Before embracing all i am,
I spent years hating and hurting myself with drugs , eating disorders and unhealthy relationships.
I remember fainting in bed because i was so depleted.
I know pain , i lost myself and found myself, and i am here to help in any way i can anyone who is looking to find those pieces of himeself lost along the way.

Pain existed in my reality Until i separated my gifts from who I am , so afraid of the responsibilities they come with .
Now i embrace all of it  and live by it and for it and
Everything I was trying to separate , United.
It is the most beautiful feeling ever and 
I am here to help you do the same, in your own way.