What is life, the law of attraction and the pineal gland.
E=mc2 is an equation elaborated by quantum Physicist Einstein in 1924. What it means is more simple than what it seems.
Everything is energy, (E) And energy equals to matter (mc2)
Therefore by emitting energy we CREATE reality,

Directly proportional to the QUALITY of the energy we emit.

We do this through our majestic transmitter and receiver,
The scientific term of it is "pineal gland" also called "third eye" colloquially.

Situated in our brain, in the most hidden and protected site of our skull , resides the most powerful tool we have , that makes us powerful human beings of light.

Egyptians, Sumerians and extremely  advanced ancient civilizations (more than us) were aware ALREADY thousands of years ago of the presence and powers of the pineal gland and used it,
as shown in hyerogliphics and wall inscriptions of that time.
Knowledge gets lost sometimes, and forgotten.

All we need to do after clearing up our energy,
is to activate our pineal gland and remember who we are.

Once we do that , we ll find out There is no separation between me and you and everything else that exists, existed and will exist.

Life is a current of energy continuously intertwining with all the energies existing and perennially moving in a wonderful dance guided by the quality of our thoughts , our karmic journey and the cosmic will. Life is a journey of evolution.
We all have innate gifts that we can develop and nourish .
I am here to help you discovering them if you wish, nourish and
develop them, acknowledging the power of your intuition as solely guidance and compass to life.