My Method
The spectrum of Light.
I observe, i listen and connect to you , 
your higher self and your guides , multidimensionally.

For both my remote healing sessions and in person sessions ,
I combine all the techniques based on science and studies i learned in time , and life times ,  with all i see , feel and hear intuitively since i was a child.
I have the ability of visualizing your energy field ,
and know , by feeling it in my own body , where the source of your block is , when it was created , how deeply is impacting your life and how to help you sublimating it.

I believe what scares you and holds you back most, 
can turn into Into your strongest asset and i am devoted to help you discovering this , by aligning you to your true self.

In this process you will find the motivation you need to proceed the journey you started and The inspiration to keep going and advance your goals and self discovery by learning how to stay true and loving to yourself and manifest the life you want by following you intuition and vibrating high.