My Studies 

Growing up ,  my obsessive interest towards the human body and the miracle that regulates every cell function , brought me to study Human anatomy, pathology, energy system, and specializing in polarity, cranial sacral, reiki, long distance energy healing , reading  and clearing , prano therapy and past life regression.

I believe in the healing power of touch especially when combined with awareness to energy work .
Studied many different modalities of Massage , Chinese medicine applied to body work , quantum healing , acupressure and meditation techniques and have very advanced knowledge of psychology , kinesiology , shamanic techniques , most followed religions and cults , numerology , sacred geometry , Feng Shui , astrology and astronomy , quantum physics and codes.

My knowledge is not who i am though , it is just a tool to help you better.

From my birth to now I underwent and undergo changes every moment. I am developing my gifts everyday , love to learn new techniques and love knowledge as a tool to empower growth in anyone who desires to evolve . 

By mastering  my mind and resetting what I recognized being unhealthy behavioral thought patterns in me,
i was able to bring anything beautiful , like you reading this , into manifestation.